I tell stories,

design things &

build stuff.


Not necessarily in that order.

This is my story.

(I promise this won't take long.)


My journey kicked off with mobile development.

I fell in love with  Android  in 2015. I learned it, freelanced for a while, became  Google-certified , and I thought I'd continue doing it forever. Until I found  Flutter  in 2017.

Soon enough, I was building apps, writing blogs and giving tech talks in Android & Flutter. Like a maniac.

But even then, by the end of 2017, I felt like I was becoming stagnant with my skillset. I wasn't expanding it beyond mobile development.

Story Mobile.png

Transitioning into UX & becoming a creative...

In 2018, I stumbled upon  Interaction Design Foundation , and well, it was the foundation (sorry) for my interest and learnings in UX.

While my peers were learning Machine Learning, I didn't wanna go that route as an engineer. I really cared about my app users, so I wanted to better their digital experiences. I studied  UX Design Thinking  Human-Centered Design  for 6 months in Interaction Design Foundation, after which I explored more things in the creative field, such as  Brand Strategy  Packaging Design Logo Design Animations , and more!

Story UX.png

How did I turn into a

humor-centric storyteller?

I joined  Softway  in 2019 as a Mobile Engineer, and what drew me to the company was its culture of love.

It was the crisis we hit in March 2020 that really turned things around for me.

I was all in on marketing and business development. I tried new things with  Digital Marketing , Strategy Building &  Content Creation  for my company.

I played around with humor in my personal online presence before, but my new skills at work merged with my humor and turned me into a humor-centric storyteller.

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Organizations I've been a part of.

Humans first!

I'm a huge fan of using humor and empathy to make the people around me (and beyond) laugh, giggle or at the very least, smile. But be warned, my humor comes with the disclaimer: "Not always funny."

I want to impact humans more so than achieving goals in my life. And that is why, mentoring is another thing I love and enjoy in my life. I've been mentoring in a few organizations since 2018, and it has only helped me help other humans with their goals.

Read more about my values here:

My personal manifesto & mentoring.

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I also like taking weird pictures

for my Instagram.